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Birthdate:Oct 9
Location:Tordas, Fejer, Hungary


I'm a little fairy, who has big dreams, weird thoughts and a life which is full of ordinary things; love, pain, sorrow, disappointment, happiness, friends, dreams, wishes and imagination.
I'd like to get and reach a lot of things, and I hope I'll able to do my best for them.

I'm a 19-year-old girl, you can call me Jarith or Viki, feel free to choose that one you like more.

Ueda Tatsuya is my soulmate, my other part.
Nishikido Ryo is my lifemate, who could give me everything.
KAT-TUN has my heart, they are the most amazing thing which has ever happened to me.
JinDa and RyoDa are my Japanese OTPs.
Supernatural is the most wonderful fandom which I've ever been in.
Jensen Ackles is my American crush and Dean Winchester is my favourite hunter.
Misha Collins is my secret puppy and Castiel is my favourite angel.
Destiel is my west OTP.

Hitori ja nai yo nakama ga iru yo tachiagare ima furi mukai ga zuni

Kikoeru kai? WE WILL MAKE YOU SMILE waratte